Who We are

What sets a good trainer apart is compassion and care for his clients. Being a great trainer is more than just providing clients with good workouts, it’s about inspiring and motivating clients to persevere on their journey towards a healthier state with confidence.
My approach is simple, mind and body. Training without mental advancement is just an empty shell. Mental focus leads to proper form, which promotes good posture.

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millburn personal training

It is my main focus to assist you to reach your fitness goals in the most safe and injury free environment with kick ass training regimens.
Outside of training, I am always exploring new techniques and researching on improving human biomechanics as well as healthy living. I love to challenge myself both physically and mentally by creating my own training techniques and routines that improve my body functionality in order to improve my strength and overall athletic performance (which may have led to my career choice).

Some of my favorite Training tools